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Fujifilm Imagine Kiosk

Use our online ordering system to upload your photos directly to us, then pick them up in store the next day or print all your images straight from your smartphone with the Fujifilm Imagine app. All images are printed on our Fujifilm Dry Lab printer.

No download necessary, just click the button below:

Order Online

Prices - Imagine Kiosk Online - Dry Lab Printer

Size 1 - 5 6 - 15 16 - 49 50 -99 100+
6" x 4" £1 60p 45p 35p 30p
5" x 7" £1.20 80p 55p 45p 35p
6" x 8" £1.50 90p 75p 65p 55p
6" x 9" £1.50 90p 75p 65p 55p

Getting started is easy. Just scan the QR code below with your smartphone, and follow the link to download the Fujifilm Imagine app. When you first run the app, enter code store KPC and then simply select your product and photos.

Can't use the QR code? Visit on your smartphone, or search your app store for Fujifilm Imagine.